Thursday, July 22, 2010


My name Ersyazuddin Bin Budaim. Now I'm 19 years old. Studied at UiTM Segamat, Johor. This is my story....

A new semester begins with a new styles. To change view about myself to others it's quite difficult seems my bad attitude for the past semester. I'm trying to do the best now..
A new face at hostel remembering me as a junior for the past semester. Now, as a senior with the new environment, I must be a role model for my junior and giving them guide on the rules of the hostels.

For the new improvement for the boys hostel, I appreciate the kindness of UiTM for giving the new face for the hostels environment by improving their facilities. But its kinda bored without my old friends. Most of them now living outside from UiTM that known as NR(non-residence). For the Junior, its quite hard to train them to feels like hostels environment seems that they don't have any experience on living in a hostel.. So as a senior for them, i have to train them on how to survive in hostels. It will always make me happy when i look at my junior for the first time living in the hostel environment.

For this semester, it is difficult for me to continue learning as last semester I did not focus on learning and make my decision a bit flat in the last semester. So, now I must work harder to increase my results for this semester. I do not want to disappoint my family feel that they have trouble raising me to make me a useful person to come and I'll prove to them that I could succeed as everyone else. BEL311 class I quite surprised because I see the face of my lecturers is quite fierce. By teaching me, I accept with an open heart to accept what is taught by lecturer. I hope I can do the best for this subject to achieve excellent results. Thank you.


  1. good luck bro!...

    all the best..

  2. Datang nak mengorat..hahaha..
    Ok that's a joke.
    So black it is!
    BTW follow u here!^^