Monday, August 16, 2010

My Roomate

Today I want to talk to you about my roommate. I have 2 roommate in my room. Firstly is Amir Haziq bin Paridul. He is 18 and live at Muar. He's part1 and take account in UiTM Segamat. He likes to play football in the evening. He's quiet playful and funny person. Another one is Muiz. Muiz same old as Amir and also live at Muar. Muiz taking Business course in UiTM Segamat. Muiz like to play computer games. He's also playful and talkative person. I love them because always clean my room everyday without no doubt. My roomate always eat with me when lunch and dinner. It's like a part of my family now. Thank you my roommate.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Being A Senior

Hello.. I'm back.. Now I want tell a story about myself as a senior at college.. I am a senior in college Taming Sari. I'm proud to lead my junior to the right of way as other students. This is because, my junior didn't study at all in the college. After been given an advice, slowly he started to study. At first, it's hard to advice him because he always not in my room because he always loitering in his friends room. One by one advice I give him and at last, he heard what I say. It's no easy. Beside this situation, another situation being a senior in college is when my junior need help when other people want to bullying him. In other words, when a other senior or junior want to bully my junior, I as a senior must back up my junior. It's quite difficult because not just 1 junior that I have to take care with. It almost 12 junior I have to take care with. Besides being a guide my junior, me also play role as a wing cap in my block. That is block 3C. It's quiet hard for me to say all the information that is given by JPK(Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Kolej) because I'm busy with my course society. I as the vice president in IMS( Information Management Society) and also a wing cap at college divide time to find the right time to study and complete assignment. Sometimes I have to skip class because of this busy. I'm sorry to my lecturer because skipping their class. I hope that I didn't skip class after this. I must manage time to myself. Not only in college but in all my daily lifetime.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Subject that I take for this semester

This semester, I took 7 subjects to continue learning my third semester at UiTM. The subject are English for academic purpose, Islamic Information Management, Access to information, promotion of information products and services, supports services and maintenance, drama, and lastly technical support and services in information agencies.

The code of English for Academic Purpose subject is BEL311. It is has 3 credits hours. The lecturers who taught me for this subject is Mr. Izuan Bin Ismail. This subject is more about how we learn a basic of English in writing an essay. We also learn about how to make APA style of books, magazines, newspaper, from the web and many more. Besides that, we also are assigned to build a blog website to complete a task given by him. In my view, I think this subject is fantastic because I will explore more about English besides giving me more knowledge.

Islamic Information Management is the next subject that I take. The lecturer of this subject is Ustaz Saidin Bin Wan Ismail and the code for this subject is CTU264. It has 2 credit hours. This subject is more about information in Islamic way. It is about how our own religious survive in the MUHAMMAD S.A.W time. We also learn about what the reality and what is just imagine. In my opinion, I think this subject is very easy to we understand besides its more on our daily life.

After that, it is the subject of Access to Information. The code for this subject is IMD201. It is has 3 credits hours. The lecturer that teaching me is Mr. Ismail Bin Pahmi. The subject is more about Bibliographic Control, how we Access to information in many way, and how to handle an information. In my view, this subject is more about archive, library congress, and many more. I think this subject is interesting because we will know how to access to information. I like this subject although I did not like to reading.

Promotion of Information Products and Services is the next subject that I take in this semester. The code of this subject is IMD202. It needs 3 credit hours. The lecturer for this subject is Mrs. Nor Rashidah Binti Mohamed. This subject is more about how we need to promote our own brand to all kind of people. We also learn about the skill in promotion. I think this subject is challenging because we need to understand why we need to promote our own brand and explore on how people promoting their daily brand. We also know how we need survive in market to make all the users use our brand.

Next is Supports Services and Maintenance. The code for this subject is IMD203. This has 3 credit hours. Miss Nur-Ila Binti Mohd Kamal is the persons that teach this subject. This subject is more about how we install and repairing the component in the PC. We also know about CMOS, BIOS, IDE cable, hard disk, and many more. I very like this subject because I like about practical exercise. This will help me on how to repair others laptop or computer.

After that, the next subject that I take in this semester is Technical Supports and Services in Information Agencies. The code for this subject is IMD255. It needs 3 credits hours. The lecturer for this subject is MRS. Nor Diana Binti Abdul Rahman. This subject is more about library. This subject is boring for me because in this subject we will learn about how to sale a book for library users.

Last but not least, the last subject that I learn is Drama. The code is HKB111. This is my curriculum. It is just needs 1 credit hour. This subject is more about on how we play a big rules in drama besides playing as actor in drama. I like this subject because before this I never know how drama is all about. But now, I know what it is about drama. It also can make be a good actor one day.

As a conclusion, in this semester I need to learn about all 7 subjects that I never know about it before. I hope I will pass all this subjects with A's in hand. Thank you to all that supporting me.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


My name Ersyazuddin Bin Budaim. Now I'm 19 years old. Studied at UiTM Segamat, Johor. This is my story....

A new semester begins with a new styles. To change view about myself to others it's quite difficult seems my bad attitude for the past semester. I'm trying to do the best now..
A new face at hostel remembering me as a junior for the past semester. Now, as a senior with the new environment, I must be a role model for my junior and giving them guide on the rules of the hostels.

For the new improvement for the boys hostel, I appreciate the kindness of UiTM for giving the new face for the hostels environment by improving their facilities. But its kinda bored without my old friends. Most of them now living outside from UiTM that known as NR(non-residence). For the Junior, its quite hard to train them to feels like hostels environment seems that they don't have any experience on living in a hostel.. So as a senior for them, i have to train them on how to survive in hostels. It will always make me happy when i look at my junior for the first time living in the hostel environment.

For this semester, it is difficult for me to continue learning as last semester I did not focus on learning and make my decision a bit flat in the last semester. So, now I must work harder to increase my results for this semester. I do not want to disappoint my family feel that they have trouble raising me to make me a useful person to come and I'll prove to them that I could succeed as everyone else. BEL311 class I quite surprised because I see the face of my lecturers is quite fierce. By teaching me, I accept with an open heart to accept what is taught by lecturer. I hope I can do the best for this subject to achieve excellent results. Thank you.