Saturday, August 7, 2010

Being A Senior

Hello.. I'm back.. Now I want tell a story about myself as a senior at college.. I am a senior in college Taming Sari. I'm proud to lead my junior to the right of way as other students. This is because, my junior didn't study at all in the college. After been given an advice, slowly he started to study. At first, it's hard to advice him because he always not in my room because he always loitering in his friends room. One by one advice I give him and at last, he heard what I say. It's no easy. Beside this situation, another situation being a senior in college is when my junior need help when other people want to bullying him. In other words, when a other senior or junior want to bully my junior, I as a senior must back up my junior. It's quite difficult because not just 1 junior that I have to take care with. It almost 12 junior I have to take care with. Besides being a guide my junior, me also play role as a wing cap in my block. That is block 3C. It's quiet hard for me to say all the information that is given by JPK(Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Kolej) because I'm busy with my course society. I as the vice president in IMS( Information Management Society) and also a wing cap at college divide time to find the right time to study and complete assignment. Sometimes I have to skip class because of this busy. I'm sorry to my lecturer because skipping their class. I hope that I didn't skip class after this. I must manage time to myself. Not only in college but in all my daily lifetime.

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